Wednesday, August 31, 2011

When Do You Say, "I Won't Pay That Much"

I just saw a mascara listed for $70. Holy crap!  Who would pay that much for mascara?  That is just plain crazy.  It did get me thinking, what is the limit that you would say, "That is way too much?"  What would you pay a lot for?  

I think I'm a pretty frugal person.  I hate paying retail for anything.  I bargain shop, check ads, go online and compare prices.  If I really want something, I try and find a good deal for it.  But, there have been occasions that I paid more than normal for a product.  

What is too much?  I guess it really depends on what the item is.  It also depends on whether that item is really needed or if it's just a want.  I'm sure there are a lot of things that I have, that I may have only paid $5, for, but since I didn't really need them, you could say I overpaid.  

It really makes me think. I have probably overpaid for more things that I even realized.  At least I can say I never paid $70, for some mascara.

A Little Frustrated

I'm actually writing this in between my sons school lessons, so excuse me if my thoughts seem a little broken up.

I am frustrated right now.  We are in Week 3 of school and I am really getting the hang of this.  I have a schedule down and teaching the lessons is getting easier.  I am building more confidence in myself and I am starting to know my own strengths and weaknesses as well as my sons.  

I wake up every morning with a positive outlook on the day. I am chipper and happy, (the extreme opposite of my normal demeanor in the morning). I try really hard to make this a pleasant experience for both my son and myself.

The problem is, my son.  He wakes up in the morning grumpy, (he doesn't wake up until 9:30am and we don't start school until 10am).  He gets upset at me when I try to explain things to him, or even when I want to help him.  He gives me crazy attitude throughout the day.  He daydreams and when I tell him to pay attention, we freaks out and tells me he's working.

Just to clarify, my son is not a problem child.  We are not homeschooling because he was in trouble at school.  We are homeschooling because we don't like the schools in t his area and felt he wasn't getting the education that he deserved.  He was, and still is all for homeschooling.  I just think he may be having a hard time with me being his mom and his teacher.  A mom/teacher is much more strict than a school teacher.  All my attention is focused on him instead of 30 other kids in a class.

Anyway, back to my frustration.  I try really hard to make this experience fun and enjoyable.  I come in everyday with a positive attitude and I try my best to help him as much as possible.  I just can't stand the snotty attitude he has with me sometimes.  The way he acts has a huge impact on the way I act.  Yes, that sounds childish, but when he's shitty, it breaks me down.  It upsets me and therefore, I am shitty.  

I want to make this work.  I want to have a good experience with this and I want Cameron to have a good experience with this too.  I want this to be fun, better than traditional schooling.  I just don't know what to do to make this better for him.  I figured by now, we would both be in a good groove and it would be getting easier.  

I guess I'll just take it day by day and home that things get better for him.  Maybe he just needs a little more time to adjust to this.  I hope that's all it is, because if his attitude doesn't get better, I may have to start beating him.  That was a joke, for those of you who don't know me.  I don't beat my child, and obviously, don't condone that.

Think happy thoughts for me!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How To Beat The Heat On The Cheap

Ugh! It is so hot here right now. Well maybe not RIGHT now, since it's about 9:30pm, but during the day.  We are having a late Summer here in SoCal.  I predict it will be hot until the end of Oct, early Nov.  Late Summers suck.  They kind of mess with your head.  You expect it to be cooler and it just doesn't happen.

Unfortunately, the air conditioner in our house is too small to cool down the entire house, so when the air is on, it is working so hard that it sucks up the electricity and since the power companies here like to rape their customers, yes I just wrote that, it's the truth, the bill can run up to or beyond $300, a month.  The $300, is if you're lucky.  Anyway, needless to say, we do not run our air conditioner.  Some days it can get above 90 degrees in the house.  Insane, I know!

Here are some things we do to keep cool and just some tips that may work for you.

Keep the doors and windows closed during the day.  Make sure your home is well insulated and you don't have a draft.  Also, let as little light into your home.  This one is hard for me, because I love natural light, but leaving too many curtains open lets in heat.

If you can, open your house up at night.  If you have a two story home, open the windows upstairs.  This allows the heat to escape through the windows and the cool air from the night in.

If you have a house fan, turn it on at night.  That also lets the cool night air in.  The important thing you want to do is cool your house down as much as possible at night.  The cooler your house is the longer it will take to heat up during the day.

Buy a small room air conditioner and put it in your bedroom.  It is much cheaper to cool one room that it is to cool an entire house.  We do this and on very hot nights my son camps out in our room.

Other ways to keep cool is to wear cool loose fitting clothing. 

Carry around a spray bottle with water in it.

Take a cool bath or shower.

Make friends with someone who has a pool.

Try to use your oven and stove as little as possible.  The grill and the crock pot are good friends of mine.

Eat lots of popsicles and frozen treats.

And the most important tip I have is to make sure you, your kids, and even your pets drink lots of water.  Ice water especially helps with keeping your body temperature cool.  

Stay cool my friends!

15 Week Challenge~10 Things You Do When You're Bored

Here we are again, the 15 Week Challenge.  This is turning into the 20 week challenge, but I'm getting there. 

So, without further ado, here are the 10 Things I Do When I'm Bored:

10~Play games online
 9~Go on Facebook
 8~Listen to music
 7~Watch TV or Movies
 6~Talk to whoever is around me
 5~Play with my son or my niece
 4~Go shopping
 2~Just sit in the quiet

That was pretty simple, I probably could have added way more things, but it only asked for 10 things.  

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Change Is Coming Soon!

I am so excited.  There is change and a new adventure coming soon.  I love change.  I get so bored with the same old thing.  I need change, and adventures, well, everyone needs a little adventure in their life every once in awhile.  

I have a little business that hopefully I will be starting soon. It probably won't make me a millionaire, (HaHa, my son's Spelling word this week.) but it will keep me busy and bring in a little extra money.  So easy and fun, I will let you know what it is soon, I promise.

No particular reason for this post.  Lol  I'm just really excited.  Like I said, I love change and adventures.  They are so exciting!

What I'm "Into" Right Now

It's that time again.  These are the things that I'm into right now.  In no particular order:

Brita Water Bottle~ This is the water bottle with the filter in it.  I totally love this.  I drink a lot of water and this is so handy to carry around.  You can fill it up at any water fountain and since the filter is in the bottle, you get free filtered water.  So convenient. No more disposable water bottles.  Good for the wallet and for the environment.  This retails for $9.99.  Well worth the price. 

Tori Spelling's Blog~ Some people hate her, but I adore Tori Spelling and her family.  Her blog, ediTORIal, (such a cute name) has crafts, recipes and fashion.  She talks about her family, kids and outings.  I enjoy reading it.  I love how crafty she is and that she loves to share her ideas with her fans.  It is such a fun and total, non-celebrity blog.

Milani Ruby Jewels Nail Polish ~ I love this nail polish.  It is such a pretty sparkly ruby red.  It really does look like Dorothy's Ruby Slippers in"The Wizard of Oz". I have this color on my toes right now and I have named them my Dorothy Gale toes.  Lol

Pinterest~ OK, I am absolutely, obsessed with Pinterest.  Pinterest is a site, that you can "pin" things that you like from other websites.  I have spent hours just checking things out and pinning stuff I like.  I have found some great recipes and craft ideas.  Check it out, you'll be hooked too. 

Spotify~ Spotify is an amazing way to stream music.  You can transfer your music to the Spotify player and you can search and play music you find on Spotify.  It is so easy to use and there is so much music it is insane.  I was blown away when I started to use it and search.  You can star music you find and like and it saves it for you.  I use this everyday.  I love it!

Storage Wars~ I seriously love this show, especially Barry.  I freaking love that guy.  No lie, I want to go to one of the auctions just so I can meet him and be his friend.  Lol.  I really don't know exactly what I like about the show.  I think I just find it fun and interesting.

Danskin Bermuda Shorts~ Unfortunately, I could not find a picture of these.  They are my favorite, comfy, sitting around the house shorts.  They are cotton and the waistband and inside lining is that moisture wick fabric that is cool and dries really fast.  This is so great here in SoCal.  They are really nice and cool (temperature cool, not The Fonze cool) to wear in the summer or for exercising.  I have two pairs, gray and black.  I got them at Walmart and they were only $7.  Great price for a great pair of shorts.

Beats By Dre~ My wonderful husband bought these for my birthday.  I have the iBeats earbuds.  They are amazing.  I love music and being able to listen to music on these is so awesome.  I can't even describe how clear and how well you can hear all the music.  They are incredible.

Multigrain Pringles~ Ever since I tried these, they are the only Pringles that I buy for myself.  I have only tried the plain, but they are available in Ranch and Cheddar.  I can't even tell you why I like them.  I think they make me feel like I'm eating healthy.  They taste good.

Yellow Mustard in Chili~This one is so random.  Lately, I have been putting yellow mustard in my chili when I have chili dogs or chili burgers.  Yellow mustard on chili burgers reminds me of my youth and going to Original Tommy's with my mom.  They put mustard on their chili burgers with pickles, onions and tomatoes.  Oh, they are so good.  I want one right now.  Anyway, the yellow mustard adds a really nice tang to the chili and it compliments basic brick chili really well. 

So there you have it.  These are the things that I like right now.  

Sunday, August 21, 2011

15 Week Challenge~11 Signs You're Not Into Someone

Lol, I don't think I can come up with eleven things without being mean.

11~You try to avoid them.
10~You don't want to spend any time with them
 9~You tell them you're just friends.
 8~You hang out with them in a group.
 7~You try and fix them up with someone.
 6~You don't return their phone calls.
 5~You walk away from them.
 4~You avoid eye contact.
 3~You have an attitude with them.
 2~You are mean to them.
 1~You tell them!