Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Five Is The Magic Number (Original Post 07/01/2009)

I had a bit of an epiphany yesterday. I was thinking about some of the great deals that have been going on lately and realized that a lot were $5 deals. Five is the magic number here. There are lots of $5 deals. Five dollar footlongs, five dollar shorts, shirts, swimsuits, meals, services. Two for $5 deals everywhere.

I remember a few years ago when one dollar was the magic number. Everything was one dollar. What a deal, $1! Now the deal is $5. Don't get me wrong. I think that $5 deals are great. If I can get shirts, shorts or a meal for $5, each, that is awesome. There is nothing wrong with that.

So, let's embrace Five being the magic number. At least it's not Ten, although having some things $10, would be pretty cool.

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