Sunday, August 14, 2011

15 Week Challenge~12 Signs You're Into Someone

I haven't done the 15 Week Challenge in awhile.  Honestly, I lost the paper I wrote the challenge on.  Lol, I probably threw it away.  I have a tendency of throwing papers away and not checking them.  Really bad habit, I know.  So, here it is, 12 Signs You're Into Someone...

12~You're very nice to them.
11~You flirt with them.
10~You buy or give them things.
 9~You write them cute little notes.
 8~You spend a lot of time with them.
 7~You ask them out for coffee.
 6~You touch them.
 5~ You laugh at their jokes.
 4~You think about them all the time.
 3~If you're not with them, you want to be.
 2~You find it easy to talk to them.
 1~You get "butterflies" whenever you are around them.

This was actually very easy to write.  I just thought about how I felt when I started dating my husband.  <3

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